CREATIVE: Brand Identity, Print Collateral, Storyboarding, Animation 
OPPORTUNITY: Inspired by the adventures of Kevan Chandler and his friends who helped him backpack Europe, Odysee was created as a fictitious, non-for profit organization that would help plan, fund and realize once in a lifetime travel ventures for those with disabilities. Through the making of an online profile, the organization would map out detailed travel plans, a bucket list, transportation and financial needs that would then be funded by the help of family, friends and strangers. Odysee sees this world as one we should all have the ability to behold and explore; to be limitless.
WE CARRY KEVAN: Follow the inspiration behind this brand and Kevan's amazing story by visiting his website here. Or order his new book here.
AWARD: 2017, AIGA KC A13 Winners Gala Exhibition 

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