During the summer of 2022 I took part in Pixar's workshop and 9-week course, Story Xperiential. During the virtual class, deep-dives and peer collaboration occurred weekly as we strengthened skills within storytelling and how to develop storyboards. In tandem, we learned about building character arches and how best to giving and receiving feedback. 

Although this story below has a long way to go before being fully rounded out, it was an incredible first experience and exposure to trying to put thoughts to paper. I present to you, Tempo!
Through music, our protagonist, Tempo, connects with fellow subway passengers and their inner spirit dancers, in an often isolating and stressful world.  
A little 'behind the scenes' of Tempo
Before diving into one story, we created 3 "What if..." scenarios to be pitched to the group and receive feedback on. This was a great opportunity to gain other's insights and share in the creative process of exploring the many angles and ideas that can be born from so many different people. 

My "What if..." ideas included:
"What if...We had shadow dancers that came to life when we listened to music? And they could see each other? (Chosen direction)
"What if... A polaroid camera could "save" your life progress with a limited number of magical prints. And you could "restart" at any of the "saves".
"What if... There was an elevator that opened to a new land with each new floor.
Once the direction was chosen and feedback provided, the next task was to set the stage and start developing character attributes and desires. Perhaps the more crucial part of any story is setting the right foundation for your character and their arch. 
I know I have a long way to go in this department, but none-the-less, was a fun journey to start on with Tempo.
Final steps were to start creating stills for the storyboard, followed by a quick edit to tie them all together. 

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