SETTING: 1935-45 United States
FILM REFERENCE: It's a Wonderful Life
Within the film, we see our protagonist and his uncle run a family-owned business called the Bailey Building and Loan Association. Supporting characters, such as Mr. martini, come to George Bailey for help with banking and lending. The below documents are representational of the ones Mr. Martini may have received once he opened his own mortgage and savings account. 
The savings log has been hand stitched, stamped, and aged accordingly to take into account the wear and tear received after Mr. Martini's use.
The mortgage document, similar to the savings log, was developed using the Adobe Suite, and printed on French paper. Aged with tea and oils, the mortgage consists of three parts: the cover, inside page, and coupons. Stamps, red pencil, hole stamp, handwriting, and a typewriter were used.

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