SHOW REFERENCE: Howl's Moving Castle, by Hayao Miyazaki
OPPORTUNITY: The animated film Howl's Moving Castle takes its viewers to a new world set in a time period similar to the late 1800s/early 1900s in France. Introducing magic and sorcery into a world not so different from our own, we follow a wizard named Howl and a hat-maker, Sophie, as they learn to define what truly makes life beautiful.  
Within the film, Howl uses two alias to hide his true identity from those in political power. When the nation goes to war with a neighboring country, all of the wizards and witches are called upon by royal decree, and thus, both of his covers receive an invite to the palace. The following imagines what these two letters may look like if produced for a live action film. Also explored was a cursed card that Sophie unknowingly brings to Howl. This red piece of paper is later burned, and scorches the dinning table. 

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