SERVICES: 3D Modeling, Interactive Infographic 
OPPORTUNITY: To provide buyers with more information about their product, the creative team at Global Prairie helped Bayer put together an interactive model and video to communicate key features of General Insect Control: Barricor SP. Members of the team helped develop a promotional, live-action video to explain the product. In tern, I built a digital, 3D replica of the set location within Sketchup that was used to create a secondary video with pop-up graphics and information. 
Initial Steps
Using Sketchup, the first task was to dissect the original home and develop assets that would best reflect the materials and elements shown in the live-action promotional video.
(The video can be found here: | Note: I did not work on the original video)

After creating a library of assets within Sketchup, it was time to get to work modeling the home and adding textures and colors that would closely match the original house.

Once the house was built, the final step was to create pop-ups for the key information points that would be discussed. I developed each within illustrator and they were added to the video by another team member at Global Prairie. 

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