SERVICES: Wayfinding, Material Selection, Graphic Design 
OPPORTUNITY: Lake Chelan is rooted in discovery, exploration, and pioneers. Today, the area is used for recreational purposes, drawing hikers, campers, and adventurers to the Cascade Mountain range surrounding it. The kiosk map was created in partnership with Holden Village and the Chelan Forrest Service to accurately depict the trails, camps and ports while providing insight into Holden Village's location and messaging.
Placed at Fields Point near the loading doc for all visitors heading up lake, the map offers insights into trails, near by peaks, rivers and campsites. Helping give all travelers a feel for the area around them.
Secondary Project
Along with the map, we concepted wayfinding signs with the intent to help visitors find the Bed and Breakfast north of the city. Below are a few of the original signs, followed by proposed replacements. 

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