SERVICES: Interior Design, Wall Graphics, Space Planning, Material Selection 
OPPORTUNITY: A Fortune 100 engineering firm, Burns & McDonnell has a global presence with offices around the nation and within multiple countries cross continents. During my time at DesignHaus-Studio I worked alongside the team to flesh out Branded Interiors for a vast majority of their offices. This included working with CADtools in Illustrator to formate and measure design components, along with coordinating with the fabricator to ensure materials were correct and to be installed on time. Ideation and the design of the Branded Interiors portfolio were set by Kristin Harrelson, Mike Hauser at DesignHaus and the Burns & McDonnell Corporate Marketing Team. This work was continued during my time at Global Prairie.
Regional Spotlight walls (pictured above), were graphic staples within the Branded Interiors portfolio. For their design development, each elevation would have a unique dimension that required custom formatting and image selection. To help with cost, variations in materials were offered, such as CNC routed, acrylic lettering verse the type being printed directly onto the wall covering. 
A variety of materials were used throughout each of the spaces and as elements within the Branded Interiors portfolio. Everything from the logo above the reception desk to the glass vinyl were laid out in Illustrator in order to provide the correct specifications needed for the fabricators to produce.

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